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60s girl groups, absurd hypothetical situations, accents, ace records, alex chilton, americana, astronomy, autumn, baroque pop, bbc, belfast, belle & sebastian, big star, blues, bob dylan, buses, buster keaton, butcher boy, c86, camera obscura, cats, chocolate, chris bell, corduroy, creativity, dialectology, documentaries, duffle coats, duke special, economics, family guy, felt, fender guitars, folk music, futurama, gene clark, gospel music, gram parsons, handclaps, hank williams, harpsichords, hiking, history, human rights, humour, indie pop, jens lekman, johnny cash, josh ritter, leonard cohen, libraries, love, lucky soul, lyrics, manchester, mandolins, maps, mark twain, mississippi john hurt, modesty, monty python, morrissey, motown, natural history, neighbours, neil young, newport folk festival, nintendo, non sequitors, northern ireland, northern soul, orange juice, oscar wilde, otis redding, pacifism, peace and quiet, peep show, phil spector, photography, politics, pop hooks, power pop, public information films, public transport, puns, research, science, sepia, shakespearean insults, shameless, shyness, space, star trek, stax, staying up late, stop motion animation, string quartets, sweden, tambourines, technicolor, telecasters, television, the arcade fire, the band, the beach boys, the beatles, the byrds, the clash, the concretes, the cure, the decemberists, the field mice, the flying burrito brothers, the grateful dead, the independent, the kinks, the last waltz, the left banke, the pastels, the replacements, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the smiths, the staple singers, the supremes, the velvet underground, them, three part harmonies, twee, tweed guitar amps, understatement, university of manchester, van morrison, victoriana, vintage anything, wall of sound, whimsy, wii, wikipedia, wilco, wit, woodstock, zelda